Canadian Digg Style Social News

CKA has a community driven Canadian news site, which has been using its current format since spring 2005. The site as a community started in 2001.

CKA News was using social news posting before made it popular. Our news links don't go through as intensive voting process, instead links automaticaly make it to front-page but will be dropped after a certain amount of time if the link doens't acheive a level of popularity.

If the volume becomes very high one day, I might impliment a more digg style upcoming stories system. CKA Canadian news digg you decide what is important to other Canadians!

CKA is a very social and community driven site, a large percentage of the content is submitted by members, I just provide the framework. Along with content, CKA has one of the largest and most active Canadian forums on the net. The Canadian forums feature a wide array of features to keep the message boards interesting, fun and provide a great social atmosphere.

Additionaly CKA recently launched its own branded blogs, where CKA members can create there own very customizable blogs, which tie into the main site in main ways, making social networking convenient. (Canada Kicks Ass) is a Canadian content website and discussion forum that was started in 2002 and now has become a growing force on the Canadian cultural and political scene. It is one of the largest Canadian discussion board websites, with nearly 30,000 members. The membership is worldwide and Canada-wide, with some concentration in Canada's western provinces. The discussions are mostly in English with some in French. The content ranges from topical issues, politics, music, and humor. Québec and Alberta separatist discussion regularly is featured. The recent Canadian Federal elections were the basis for extended commentary from the members, and made the website a valuable source for the latest political news.

Visit the Canadian Forums here!

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