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Canada's Largest Outdoor Spinning Class

Type:canadian record
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Date:9 6, 2012
Record Holder:Marty Menard

On Saturday, June 9th 2012, as part of the City of London's Car-Free-Day Festival, local personality & business owner Marty The Health Guy set the record books for Canada's largest outdoor spinning class with 124 people!

The idea was inspired by one of Marty's personal motivations of getting more people to use leg-power over oil-&-gas-power. "It's the perfect event for Car-Free-Day, says Marty, "...cycling promotes both a healthy body & a healthy environment! Whether we're talking about saving our planet or saving our cardiovascular health, cycling really is vital to our future on so many levels! And better yet, there is no record set in Canada, so this is our chance to do something special!"

Marty's passion is widely known in the community and it wasn't long before another of his related charities got involved as the folks at the JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research are donating 200 bikes to help Marty reach his goal!
Marty hosts & emcee's the JDRF Ride each year at his group-fitness facility, LIVE360. "Marty's enthusiasm and generosity is a big part of our event each year, explains JDRF Fundraising Coordinator Sharon O'Leary. "When Marty called me up and asked for my help, it took me two seconds to say yes! I was so happy that I could be a part of this great event!"

Marty goes on to explain, "When Ryan from OurStreet came to me asked if I would be interested in putting together an event for the street-festival I knew I wanted to do something that was both really fun AND really drive home what the Car-Free-Day Festival is all about!"

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