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Fire Starter
known to start flame wars in threads hwacker
Babe Alert
Hot female, possibly a model from the gallery

  • To award the babe medal a picture must be submitted of the nominee
  • Brenda, crystalsm, danikyvor, JustKate, kaetz, MeganC, RoyalHighlander, Scrappy, SupportingOurTroops, TattoodGirl, Tyler_1, usababe, wildrosegirl, Zoraja
    Link Whore
    Poster whos first post is a link promoting there website canucker
    Someone who revives old dead topics bossdog, canadian1971, Canadian_Mind, Centre, CrazyCanuck007, hurley_108, Streaker
    News Junkie
    Someone who posts entire news articles or links to news a lot -Mario-, Alta_redneck, bootlegga, bossdog, Canadaka, DrCaleb, Hyack, kitty, martin14, Newsbot, N_Fiddledog, Regina, ridenrain, RoyalHighlander, Scape, snookums, Strutz, tritium, wildrosegirl
    PoSTer TYPeS IN CApS RoyalHighlander
    RCMP Mod
    Usualy given to mods for excellent mod work -Mario-, Canadaka, Erinites, Hyack, QBC, Regina, RoyalHighlander, SprCForr, Stellar
    Topic Jedi
    Poster who create a lot of topics, gets the ball rollin bootlegga, Canadaka, canucker, fatbasturd, ridenrain, RoyalHighlander, Scape, ShepherdsDog, tritium
    Known for there long posts DerbyX, Khar, Psudo, Scape, Winnipegger
    Uber Canuck
    Member who is super patriotic and supportive of CKA -Mario-, Arctic_Menace, BluesBud, Blue_Nose, bootlegga, Canadaka, canucker, danikyvor, DerbyX, Erinites, EyeBrock, fatbasturd, Hyack, JaredMilne, jazzman, lily, martin14, Mr_Canada old, Mustang1, PENATRATOR, Pimpbrewski, Public_Domain, QBC, Regina, Robair, roger-roger, RoyalHighlander, RUEZ, SprCForr, Strutz, TattoodGirl, Tman1, Tricks, twister, Tyler_1
    Master Debator
    good at debating a topic, fair commanderkai, Dayseed, Mustang1, Psudo, Toro, Zipperfish
    History nut
    Someone who knows there history, posts about history hormel26c, Hyack, Mustang1, Regina, Tman1, Wullu
    always posts about politics, knoledgeable in politics foreverjeune, commanderkai, JaredMilne, JJ, Psudo, Rev_Blair
    makes funny posts Arctic_Menace, canadian1971, CanAm1, Chopper, Chumley, DrCaleb, Erinites, fatbasturd, herbie, Hyack, lily, llama66, nanza, PluggyRug, raydan, Red_Eye, RoyalHighlander, ShepherdsDog, Thanos, Tyler_1, wildrosegirl, Zipperfish
    technical details in posts, posts in tech forums a lot -Mario-, Blue_Nose
    Left Wing
    member who is very left wing in there political views Arctic_Menace, Canadaka, Centre, DerbyX, fifeboy, hurley_108, OPP, Rev_Blair, Streaker
    Right Wing
    member who is very right wing in there political views BartSimpson, hwacker, OnTheIce, ridenrain, RUEZ
    poster has many negative posts towards Canada GreatBriton, hwacker, Monorprise
    #1 Spleler
    always makes spelling mistakes Canadaka, jazzman, Knoss, ridenrain, stratos, USCAdad, Zipperfish
    brings wise comments to topics, cool calm Brenda, dgthe3, DrCaleb, lily, RoyalHighlander, Tman1, Unsound, Zipperfish
    annoying poster, nags Always4Iggy, Benoit, canadian1971, HockeyBabe, hwacker, Mysterio10, saga, Tyler_1, YankGreat
    CKA Contributor
    has contributed a lot to the site, content, pictures, links -Mario-, BartSimpson, BeaverFever, bloodyirish, BluesBud, Blue_Nose, bootlegga, bossdog, BRAH, Brenda, Canadaka, danikyvor, Dr Caleb, DrCaleb, fatbasturd, Fighter, Freakinoldguy, Gunnair, herbie, Hyack, kitty, lily, martin14, Mustang1, nanza, NewfieBullet, Newfy, N_Fiddledog, raydan, Regina, ridenrain, Ripcat, RoyalHighlander, saturn_656, Streaker, Strutz, twister, Tyler_1, wildrosegirl, xerxes
    Off Topic
    often posts off topic comments novachick, Tricks
    Cool Yankie
    cool american member, respects Canada, knoledgeable BartSimpson, coaster_dot, DANGERGIRL, nanza, rickc, Ruxpercnd, stratos, travior, usababe, Yank-in-NY
    Self proclaimed Quebec separatist Elvis
    Arcade Addict
    addicted to the CKA arcade, has many high scores canucker, RoyalHighlander
    Sociopath ShepherdsDog
    Pot Head
    When's 4:20? Arctic_Menace, Erinites, kerfuffled
    Cool European
    cool european member, respects Canada, Knowledgeable Brenda, Canadarc, harzer_knaller, jazzman, PostFactum, Snorkmaiden
    members who promote federalism and/or discourage separatism. -Mario-, Arctic_Menace, JaredMilne, Pimpbrewski, Proculation, QBC
    Term referring to the political goals and ideology of the "new conservatives" in the United States. Medal Not Issued
    Hockey Fan
    Big hockey fan! participates in the sports & hockey forums, fanasy leagues bootlegga, bossdog, canucker, canuckns, Hyack, martin14, Mowich, Mr_Canada old, newfette, Public_Domain, QBC, Regina, Ripcat, sandorski, snookums, Strutz, TattoodGirl, twister, wildrosegirl
    Person who has served in the military and is no longer in service. Or was in any war prior and including the Korean war BartSimpson, bossdog, Canadian_Mind, CanAm1, canuckns, denmns, EOD, EyeBrock, Freakinoldguy, golfdave, GunPlumber, GunRunner, hormel26c, IkeaMan, Motorcycleboy, NewfieBullet, Richard, RoyalHighlander, Scape, ShepherdsDog, sookite, SprCForr, stratos, TheFoundersIntent, Yank-in-NY
    Military Buff
    This is for members who clearly support and are very knowledgable of our country's military (past and present) and happen to bring it up in forums more than others. bootlegga, bossdog, EyeBrock, Hyack, martin14, Mustang1, Regina, Tricks, Wullu
    Person who is currently serving in the armed forces. -Mario-, 2Cdo, ArmyMan, CanadianGrunt, canadiansailor, Canadian_Mind, Can_Soldier, CapeApe, Chopper, coltsrmint2, Cygnus, EME_Seal, Evan, fennekk, george123, grainfedprairieboy, Gunbunny, Gunnair, harzer_knaller, Heavy_Metal, Hester, inverted, LABBATTS50, lyonhart, MaelstromRider, MarEng, Newfy, PENATRATOR, putz, Rihx, roger-roger, SigPig, USAFDude, weaponeer, wpnsguyBill, Wullu
    Canadian Cadet
    A person who is currently serving, or has served as a member of the Royal Canadian Air/Army/Sea Cadets. Arctic_Menace, Canadian_Mind, kal, SaulT
    Poster demonstrates artistic abilities, posted art in gallery or forums. Avatar and signature creations. Canadaka, coaster_dot, EyeBrock, fatbasturd, Gunnair, Hyack, QBC, stemmer, Unsound
    Spam Buster
    Awarded to keen-eyed members who help keep this site free of internet scum commanderkai, Hyack

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