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The Arrow that got away

The Arrow that got away

This Avro Arrow Information is from / Discovery Channel Canada and the National Aviation Museum. For a more detail look into the Avro Arrow check out there dedicated site on the matter

The legend with the most mythic proportions is the enduring idea that one single Arrow was spared the welders arc, and remains in a secret location today. There are few shreds of hope, even for true believers. Legend has it that late one night, after cancellation, part of the Avro plant was cordoned off and covered trucks were seen leaving. To date, no records confirming that all the Arrows were destroyed have been uncovered. One of the latest books on the Arrow, Storms of Controversy, notes that in some of the photos of the Arrows on ‘death row’, Arrow RL25202 is nowhere to be seen. Records attest that it was being fitted with a new missile system around the time of cancellation. However, Palmiro Campagna, the author of Storms, is of the opinion that any spiriting away of an Arrow would have been highly unlikely, and in any case would have had to be approved by the Arrow Termination Coordination team that had been set up to oversee the disposition of Arrow remains. If an Arrow model were to have escaped, Campagna suggests, it would more likely be found in a military installation than a farmer’s field.

Published on: 2004-08-05 (15496 reads)

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