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- The Great Debate -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Canada vs USA Jokes

From: Mike Dineen
Author: Unknown
Added: April 19, 2005
Modified: April 19, 2005
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Votes: 28
Rating: 6.89

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The Great Debate:

A Canada / USA Argument

A Canadian and an American are having a beer together, and the conversation turns to who has the better country. After numerous exchanges of boasts, the Yankee says "Sure Canada's nice! But take away your clean air, your friendly people, and your strong beer, and what have you got?".

The Canuck smiles and says "Easy. The USA!".

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Posted By:
Posted By:
i thought it was pretty good
Posted By:
what the heck...?
Posted By:
alright jokes alright but im
just wondering about ur name, dude are u american and if you are why the hell are you here
what there are no good us sites and have to move to a canadian one, or is it just the name?
Posted By:
I just dont get it.
Posted By:
I'm American. I loved that joke. I'm not proud to be an American. But you forgot... you would have to take Intelligence away from Canada to have the USA also. Because the people here... idiots.

And to the person wondering about whether or not there are any good US sites... haha.. you can't put the words GOOD and US in the same sentance man. duh!! :)
Posted By:
I agree with gNuh.
Posted By:
stfu losers. USA owns canada. anyone who tells you otherwise can shove a bobsled up their ass and roll down a hill.
Posted By:
southyr6, ive said this before, SHUT THE HELL UP U DAMN AMERICAN!
Posted By:
southyr6 is kind of sad IMO, Why is a American on a Canadian Content website, going through the jokes and wasting his time starting pointless arguments over a freaking joke. Very sad indeed.
Posted By:
yea, when u think about it, that is pretty pathetic.
Posted By:
too true to be classed as a joke
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