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Added: Jul 18 2006
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This picture was taken by myself at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in wetaskiwin, just outside of Edmonton. The mockup is in storage and awaiting restoration.
by Mr_Canada on Jul 18, 2006

I read about them building that modle awhile ago.

I would LOVE to see that.

by Arctic_Menace on Jul 18, 2006

Such a beautiful bird....Such a sad story...

by Streaker on Jul 19, 2006

They're building an all-metal mockup at the Toronto Aerospace Museum - should be a great exhibit, as this will be when it is restored.

What would be really nice is if an actual flying replica were built. One can always dream, eh?

by Mr_Canada on Jul 19, 2006

I thought they had?

Or are they still working on that "2/3rd's the size of original" flying replica? That'll be so neat.

More then 4 decades went by without anyone caring.... Now we all have Arrow fever! rofl.

by WDHIII on Jul 19, 2006

Theres a model shop here in Calgary that did the mock up and built the remote controlled models for the movie..... they still have one hanging from the ceiling with an autographed pic from Dan Ackroyd underneath....

by -Mario- on Jul 19, 2006

This mockup is the one they used for the Arrow movie with Dan Akroyd

by WDHIII on Jul 19, 2006

VERY kule!

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