Sherman Tank, Petawawa

From: JonasCanuck
Added: Aug 02 2006
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Highway 17 near entrance to CFB Petawawa. Plaque reads "Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Dave Rundle dedicated this Sherman Tank to the Town of Petawawa Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Canadian Forces Base Petawawa Celebrated on July 1, 2005. The enclosed Time Capsule is to be opened July 1, 2105."
by WDHIII on Aug 5, 2006

VERY kule!

by twister on Aug 5, 2006

Sherman easy 8 cool (the US E8 had a 76mm cannon this is a little different when they sold them to Isreal after the war... the isreali's mounted a 105 mm in).... Main armament on this old bad boy is the 17 pdr anti tank gun also known as the Sherman firefly in Canadian/ British service..

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