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by Ralph on Aug 8, 2004

Bad stuff war. Couldn’t tell ya what happened from this photo.
Could be the obvious or could have been a trap.
If your not in-country you can only guess.

by viet1965 on Nov 9, 2004

actually i know what happened. they waved the flag too late and they were shot down. could have been by brits, americans or canadians. all were there that day.

by GhostDog on Mar 31, 2005

Those ar americans costumes.Beside americans hates what vere they ar told to hate including Humans.

by Arctic_Menace on Nov 29, 2005

sorry to disappoint you GhostDog, but those are British camouflage patterns.

by twister on Nov 29, 2005

First off what to say even if they were alive and had a white flag they were meaning to surrender. you have 2 guys dead in a fox hole.. now was it these two men who killed them in battle, was it artillary dumped into the area. was it a HE round or other suff from a tracked vehicle. could they have been killed from the air.. no one knows Or perhaps maybe they were shot in the backs of thier heads by another IRAQI who noticed they had a white flag... WAR IS HELL don't make and pass judgements regarding a photo that has no beginning but an end...

by twister on Nov 29, 2005

British field kit, camo 95 pattern jacket and pants and British battle rifles
Enfield / Solaris LR-55 Combat Pulse Laser Rifle (Kitsune

by oiler72 on Nov 30, 2005

Well said twister...all we have here is the end. Let the real warriors, not the arm-chair variants, pass judgement.

by laccam on Nov 10, 2003

Well, they're brits not Canadians (not saying british people would do.

by laccam on Nov 10, 2003

by laccam on Nov 10, 2003

...this just that they're british not Canadian)

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