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by spikedriver on Mar 26, 2005

could be worse - canadian troops with the new cadpat in Afganie land (desert) Bin brother looks out and says that the neighbors must have planted trees last night - no the Canadians are here

by PENATRATOR on Mar 26, 2005

Sorry Ass-clown, the desert cbts are in theatre, oh you don't know everything

by samuel_ss on Mar 26, 2005

that's how the whole of the UK feels

by munkee_mugoo on Jun 9, 2005


by Oberfreiter on Sep 6, 2005

is that cadpat in the background? (btw spikedriver, the troops now have desert cadpat)

by oiler72 on Sep 6, 2005

I'm not sure if its cadpat, but some elements of the Danish Army are currently under UK command and their camo pattern is very similar to cadpat. I have a Danish ruck from a couple of buddies in my basement.

by oiler72 on Sep 6, 2005

Also, from what I understand from some friends of mine, the green cadpat wasn't too bad after a few days in the dust. I was told it was better in some parts than the straight desert cadpat.

by Streaker on Mar 9, 2008

LMAO!! Priceless!

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