Find the copperhead

From: Hester
Added: Nov 05 2005
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Find the copperhead - he's in there somewhere
by Arctic_Menace on Nov 6, 2005

Found it, and I also found a leaf that looks like a bronze mask.

by Scorpio on Nov 6, 2005

lol, found it as well, a lil hard to see though, i would never notice that in the woods

by twister on Nov 6, 2005

okay so I finally saw it... be about a 3 km walk out of the bush sucking venom out of my leg.. but I saw it...

by lily on Nov 6, 2005

I found it - but I was afraid to look. I kept expecting some ugly red demon to pop out and scream at me.

by Blue_Nose on Nov 6, 2005

Found it, and the bronze mask...

by ShepherdsDog on Nov 6, 2005

Found the snake and saw some weird guy hobbling around the bush, sweating profusely, sucking on himself. Obviously the Grunts are in the field again.

by canucker on Nov 7, 2005

Ditto lily.

by pithawg on Nov 7, 2005

Found the dang snake , now , does it ever go away. I see snakes, more than one.

by LABBATTS50 on Nov 8, 2005

Wow that is cam and concealment

by trouthunter on Nov 8, 2005

that is good, only took me like half an hour to finally find it.

by dgthe3 on Nov 21, 2005

is it me or does the snake move after you first see it? it stays in one spot but it looks like is slithering away (when you move your eyes at least)...

by D_T_M on Nov 21, 2005

Took me about 5 minutes

by twister on Nov 22, 2005

piwag.. come down off the luids man.. come down.. only one snake.. dude...

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