Canadian Weapons

From: GhostDog3
Added: Jan 11 2006
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by Arctic_Menace on Jan 17, 2006

are you trying to tell me that the CF has all that?!

by Darkeh on Jan 17, 2006

Holy Shit man. Sweet!

by dgthe3 on Jan 17, 2006

just some of the tools of the trade

by ShepherdsDog on Jan 17, 2006

They have all of that but the government only gave them enough money to buy one of each because they don't want canadian soldiers to have guns, in cities, on canadian streets

by lyonhart on Feb 20, 2006

lol good one SD... sweet tools DG3

by PorscheBoxster2001 on Feb 20, 2006

Very Cooool..... when they actually had all this stuff!!!??? GhostDog has failed to show off the new and improved "SUPER SOAKER" arsenal that they carry today!!!??? The enemy troops love them on those HOT days!!! LMFAO ;)

by GO_SENS_GO on Feb 20, 2006

Yeah but to all those nice little americans making fun of us in the canadian army, our troops are actually priority, for you guys losing a soldier is like having a flat tire, useless piece of shit army the US are, Canadian soldiers are loved around the world, lets ask the world if they like American Soldiers

by -Mario- on Feb 20, 2006

C9 and C6 are missing in action..

by luigi on Feb 20, 2006

GO SENS GO hat wasnt cool Boxster made a good funny joke
and our militia isnt loved around the world, canadians are loved in europe. some americans/alotfamericans wear canadian stuff in europe but you can tell the difference

by PorscheBoxster2001 on Feb 21, 2006

GO SENS GO.......... Dude you really need to lighten up!? I'm guessing by your comments that you "may" be one of those Canadians that just HATE Americans period! I however hold nothing against Canadians... we ALL have our issues. I think that this is truly a KickAss site (keep up the great work Trev) or I would not be here in the first place!!!??? Yes... it was just a joke!? Thanks for having my back on this one luigi.

by luigi on Mar 16, 2006


by GhostDog3 on Oct 6, 2006

Mario-C9 and C6 are missing in action.. That was the only pic whit allot of the guns together.

by nothing_911 on Nov 10, 2008

no c6, no c9, those are my babies, but danm i wanna get my hands on the c7ct!

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