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Longest Firewalk

Category:Weird & Strange
Type:guinness record
Date: 12, 2004
Record Holder:Amanda Dennison
Tags:Amanda, Dennison, Firewalker, Firewalking, Longest, Farthest, Feet, 220, Hot

Some people get Athlete's Foot. Some people get warts. And some people wander 220 feet over burning hot coals (between 1,600 and 1,800 degrees farenheit).

Such as it was with Amanda Dennison way out in Alberta, where the young lady, six months after getting her certification as a Firewalking Instructor in 2004, set out to break the previous world record of 167 feet, which she successfully shattered.

The young lady, 23, was recognized in June 2005 for her success in completing this world record in December 2004 by Guiness.


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