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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 10:22 pm

From the Liberal Newsletter

My name’s Garth Turner, and as a former lifelong Conservative, I know Stephen Harper better than most people. Like Tom Flanagan, I know where he’s headed.

Flanagan has been Mr. Harper’s main strategist for years, and his new book – which I’ve just finished – should be required reading for all Canadians worried about honesty and truth in government.

It confirms a concept called ‘incremental Conservativism’ – a plan for a right-wing government to hoodwink voters by making popular, moderate promises and then, once in majority, to unleash a pure, hardcore fundamentalist agenda.

Why would Tom Flanagan admit this in print? Because he’s telling Mr. Harper’s social conservative supporters to be patient, to lie in the weeds, and wait for unsuspecting Canadians to give this minority government a majority mandate.

My opposition to this agenda that the majority of my constituents do not want is what drove me from the Conservative caucus. I joined Stephane Dion and the Liberal Party to stand up for the agenda of tolerance and moderation and ethics in Ottawa. And now we need you.

All Canadians need to be told what the stakes are in the next election. That takes money, and your small donation will help get that message out. It is so important.

Mr. Harper and Mr. Flanagan have this all figured out. You and I and Stephane Dion stand in their way. Please take the time to donate, and give us the weapons to fight for the best interests of Canada.

Garth Turner, MP

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