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Canadian Guinness Records

namecategoryyear person views
Elvis impersonator sets world record world recordGuinness recordWeird & Strange2008Suresh Joachim 3691
Fastest Car Window Opened by a Dog Guinness recordNatural World2004Striker4913
Heaviest Aircraft Pulled Guinness recordWeird & Strange2009Reverend Kevin Fast5817
Largest Coin Guinness recordPolitical & Social2007Royal Canadian Mint3780
Largest Dodgeball Game world recordGuinness recordSports2010University of Alberta4127
Longest Firewalk Guinness recordWeird & Strange2004Amanda Dennison4809
Longest Living Hydrocephalic Guinness recordMedical2003Theresa Alvina Schaan15586
Longest national highway in the world world recordGuinness recordBuildings & Structures19627095
Most combine harvesters working simultaneously on a single field world recordCanadian recordGuinness recordNatural World20108018
Most Successful Internet Trade Guinness recordModern Society2005Kyle MacDonald4245
Thriller Chiller world recordGuinness recordWeird & Strange20073429
World's Largest Maple Leaf world recordGuinness recordNatural World2010Joseph Donato9946
World's Largest Milkshake at 1,000 Litres! Canadian recordGuinness recordWeird & Strange2010Dairy Farmers of Canada7273
World's largest tin soldier world recordGuinness recordBuildings & Structures20009948