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Three Friends, An American, German, And Canadian

Posted on Sunday, May 19 at 08:56 by canadaka

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Three friends, an American, German, and Canadian, were on a trip down the Amazon river when a tribe of Cannibalistic men attacked them and draaged the three friends ashore. While the men were being tied up, the Cannibals explained that the friends each get one last and final request before they cut the men open and made a canoe out of them. They started with the American, who asked for a phone to call home and say good-bye to his family. The Cannibals granted the American's request. Then killed the American. Next, the German requested that he could eat his last Bratwurst Sausage. He sat there eating his sausage, savouring every little piece. When he was finished the Cannibals did the same as they did with the American. Last of all, the Canadian. The Canadian man asked the Cannibals for a fork. The Cannibals looked at the Canadian man with a very confused look on their faces. The Canadian said,"Just gimme a fork." The Cannibals did so. The Canadian man laughed as he stabbed himself all over his body and yelled,"YA AIN'T MAKIN NO DAMN CANOOO OUT O' ME!!!!!"

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