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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:48 am

mtbr mtbr:

yes you're 25 that's what I already posted? degrees don't do much do they?

I said I was "younger" you dumb mope. I don't need university education to pick apart your mouthbreathing crap. Crap, you really are a dumb animal.

You have a useless degree in political science and history ,have 40 000 dollars in student loan debt own two old cars that aren't paid for and live in a shack 2 hours from downtown TO in a house paid for by your parents.(mommy lives upstairs)

Wrong, again, shut in (and you're wrong about the degree too, high school dropout). I don't have any debt (wealthy parents, good genes - you wouldn't understand), both cars paid for and I've got a great house. Justification for higher education, peon. But thanks for trying...enjoy your seasonal work, crappy cars and nothing tract housing, dullard.

my cookie cutter 2000 sq ft house in a lake community will soon be my summer home!
The average person (not you you're less than average) knows the difference between quality and junk. like 5000 dollar bikes that aren't sold at your favorite crappy tire location. ... /madone55/

Wow! 2000 sq ft?!?!? Is that big for you, welfare boy? Sorry that you allegedly paid for a bike that was 1/3 the cost of your car and you still bitched out to racing Wil. So, not only are you such a classless mope that you actually think you're rather pedestrian existence and mediocre things are aspirational, but you're a coward to boot!

since these posts are the only exciting thing in your life I will no longer add to your excitement. so ramble on you troll .Image

Translation: someone needs their lawn cut. Sorry, my witless chimp, but you're nothing but entertainment to me - you're my forum jester and you're stupidity, willful ignorance and delusions amuse me. Dance, monkey, dance! :lol:

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