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PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2022 5:40 pm

When we think of prosperous eras in modern U.S. history, conservatives often point to the Reagan administration as a crucial turning point. To the corporate class, there’s a good deal of truth to this, but mostly to the extent that the seeds of neoliberalism planted in the 70s were watered during this period. The full blossom would come under President William Jefferson Clinton. Today, establishment democrats recall the Clinton years with the same fondness conservatives treat the Reagan era with. Forget the sex scandals, questionable real estate investments and swirling conspiracies about body counts. The real scandal of the Clinton 90s was the death of progressivism. Part One of “The Clinton Years” examines the legacy of Bill Clinton through the lens of the Clinton Foundation and how it continues to embody the neoliberal ideals of the New Democrats.


In Part One of “The Clinton Years” we started our journey in the present day by examining the structure and programs of The Clinton Foundation. Many of Clinton’s earliest ideas in public service remain very much a part of the Clinton ethos and belief system to this day. Early evidence of the reliance on public/private partnerships and adherence to free market ideology can be found in Clinton’s formative years when the Democratic Party was reeling from Ronald Reagan’s takeover of the American political system. Part Two of “The Clinton Years” examines the roots of the Clinton philosophy and approach to government.

Part One of “The Clinton Years” examined Bill Clinton’s legacy through the lens of their foundation work and stubborn insistence on the private sector’s ability to cure everything from poverty to climate change. Part Two went back to the beginning to uncover the roots of Clinton’s neoliberal philosophy that would guide his decades in public service. In this final episode of the series, the rubber meets the road as we review the policies, laws and moments that have come to define the decade of the 90s and how Clinton’s legacy has negatively reverberated over time, contributed to the conservative makeover of the Democratic Party and planted the seeds for the culture wars of today.

We couldn't have a monster like Trump or even Bush without this power couple to start the ball rolling. She is running again I hear.

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