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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:44 am

BeaverFever wrote:

“Inflamatory”? Because they said “flee”? You sound like a triggered snowflake. Flee just means to run away from something: flee indoors from the rain. Flee to a quiet area of the house. Etc.

So it was raining in the States and their house was noisy.. ROTFL

CKA Uber
CKA Uber

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:12 pm

DrCaleb wrote:
Freakinoldguy wrote:
People who are fleeing tyranny, death and destruction don't normally make the statement Mr. Vargas made at 0:36 of the video and I quote:

"we jokingly said, I guess it's time to move to Canada".

Nor do people who are fleeing, tyranny, death and destruction normally say that they did their "research" about the country they intend to relocate to and then say they "chose" that country because at 1.06 of the video he says:

"we did our research about Canada and found their ideals aligned more greatly with ours"

So people can make claims all they want about how he fled but, unless we can see the CBC interview to verify his claim about being threatened and fearing for his life, Mr. Vargas and his wife come across as just more Americans who bailed on their country because they, like the thousands before them didn't like the result of an Republican won election and decided to find a country that they thought was more conducive to their political and moral ideals.

So, in the end Mr. Vargas and his wife may have left America because of Donald Trump but they certainly didn't "flee" their country because of him like the CBC claims. Their move was a calculated and time consuming affair.

You shouldn't take a video shot a year after the one I describe as the only truth.

I tried to dig up that original one, but couldn't find it on 'The National' Youtube channel. The tone of it was quite a bit different than the BBC interview conducted recently, that I posted above.

Me neither and Doc, I'm not calling you a lair by any means but it still begs the
question. Which Mr. Varga was the one who "fled" to Canada. Was it the one who planned the move, did all the paper work, came up here and investigated and then moved or, was it the one who's life was threatened so he fled South Carolina.

I think it fair to say that until someone answers that question, we're left to make our own decisions about the validity of the CBC headline.

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