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[Environment] River Rights Rip-Off
Contributed by Keemo on Sunday, March 22 at 16:50 (5,100 reads)

The Harper Goverenment has gutted the Navigable Waters Protection Act by hiding a change to it in the Budget to avoid debate in theHouse of Commons

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[Environment] Earthquake Chalk River Nuclear Reactor
Contributed by philowl on Thursday, January 17 at 14:54 (6,140 reads)

The Chalk River nuclear reactor, started up against the advice of the Nuclear Safety Commission, sits on an active earthquake fault line. The Conservative government has foolishly brushed aside the two nearby earthquakes that occurred since they restarted it.

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[Environment] Letter From A Grey-Beard Loon
Contributed by Akaash on Friday, December 07 at 16:48 (4,192 reads)
Letter from a Grey-Beard Loon

DeSmogBlog launched its 100 Year Letter Project, inviting contributors to compose letters to our great great grandchildren on global warming.

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Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group of Companies, and Ontario Environment Minister Laurel Broten, appeared in Toronto this morning to announce the launch of FLICK OFF - a cross-country initiative designed to educate Canadians about the devastating effects of global warming and motivate people to do something about it.
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