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The World's Largest Beaver Dam

Category:Natural World
Type:world record
Date:8 5, 2010
Record Holder:Jean Thie
Tags:Biggest, Beaver, Dam, Space, Visible, From, Fort, McMurray, Lac, Claire, 850, meters, largest, longest

Canada has a few national animals we are well known by, and probably the one most know is the beaver. Capable of building dams 10, 100, and sometimes even 500 meters long, these industrious critters are a symbol of the Canadian people.

Of course, it's not every day that you stumble across one which can be seen by space, like ecologist Jean Thie did. The Canadian discovered the behemoth in Northern Alberta, beating out the previous 652 construction found in Montana. At 850 meters long, it truly is visible from orbit.

The dam likely began in the 70s, and has been being built on in this remote region of Lac Claire, less than 200 kilometers from Fort McMurray. A truly monumental find.


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Last Modified: 20 Oct, 2010


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